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Produk DPLK


DPLK Jiwasraya is first DPLK in Indonesia with get receive ratification from "finance Minister" by mean SK Number KEP.171-KMK/7/1993 on August 16, 1993 and one of DPLK by held life insurance company expesially state properly, this is Asuransi Jiwasraya(Persero)  

DPLK is finance company that organized defined contribution pension plan (PPIP) for company employee, individual or autonomous worker.


Main Mission 

Managed defined contribution pension plan (PPIP) as investation plan with low expense and consistency of participant fund security.

Servicing to the participant is our commitment for guarantee the right payment to right person. the right time payment is essential thing to develop our servicing quality to consumer.


Pension Plan

Can you imagine at the moment meddle in pension age period or maybe you have see how people arround you when they walk on their pension period.

Every people think they want that old period is grafity, enjoy their whole life income for keep prosperity her self. and their family without burden the grandchild and other people.

The best wag for guarantee your old period purposed have reached is you must start make planning from now. If you fail make plan mean you plan for fail.


Basic Concept of PPIP

Defined contribution pension plan is invest program that the contribution settled previous and whole of contribution and the result of developing print in each participant bill.

Pension benefit settled based on contribution accumulation add with developing result and kind pension/annuity have selected

Based on basic concept " defined contribution pension plan", your major purpose is how you can make fund accumulation ( Contribution add with developing result) at pension age become big. Major purpose have mentoned will reach if you start invest make early by mean of DPLK Jiwasraya.

How invest by DPLK Jiwasraya can work? what advantage from DPLK.


Invest by DPLK

Invest by DPLK Jiwasraya will produce rate of return more high because invest result that you achieved is free of tax.


Facilities of Tax

As Illustration you can observe how your fund accumulation if you take Rp.10.000,00 with tax load 15% a year (excample by Deposito) without burden by tax by DPLK.


Strength of compound Interest

with compound interest, your invest result will direct growth by bear interest during you take your fund in DPLK.

If you begin invest only with 100.000 a month or Rp1.200.000 a year, then with different interest level, the fund will growth fast, like describe in this table :

 Participant period





































Choose of Annuity

Pension plan is long term program with purpose for guarantee continuity your income and your family in whole life and then before you take decision for kind of pension / annuity and character of company that you choosed, you need consider some thing like this :

1.  Company Stability, that organized pension / annuity to fullfil commitment to client during  

     10,20,30 or 50 year coming next

2.  Strength of financial that organized pension/ annuity.

3.  Servicing network in whole Indonesia because at the moment pension perhaps you will back to

     your village where you born


Pension/ Annuity classification held by Jiwasraya

-  Eksekutif Prima Annuity

-  Eksekutif Utama Annuity

-  Eksekutif Ideal Annuity


Servicing Information

We belief that management success need communication strength and must know a client need. Every three month and end of year we always give report about position of fund each participant or every time participant need this report. thus participant will know contribution accumulation and invest result that achieved from DPLK.

For Guarantee safety and secretcy your fund, DPLK publish PIN for participant, so only you can akses your own bill.

DPLK develop a certain system for locked other side who want know private data. By mean of internet, information transfer to and from client is safety transmission between computer and DPLK.  



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